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Synergetic coatings

Synergetic coatings

High-performance combination coatings for all metallic alloys

What is so special about the sandfish?

What is so special about the sandfish?

The sandfish's special feature is that water and dirt don't stick to its skin. Surfaces with our synergetic layers are just as water and dirt repellent.

The process

Synergetic coatings consist of a base layer of DURNI-COAT® (electroless nickel), HART-COAT® (hard anodising) or a modified base material with a final layer of fluoropolymers.

Synergetic coatings include the LECTROFLUOR®, HI-T-LUBE® and HMF® processes.

LECTROFLUOR® coatings are based on carefully blended technical polymers with a low friction coefficient. The metal parts to be coated are first cleaned and pretreated in a specially developed apparatus. The selected polymers are then applied either by a standard spray method or by electrostatic spraying. This depends on the type of polymers and the final application.

HI-T-LUBE® is formed in a multi-step process. A base layer of carbide is applied to the metallic base material. This is followed by a soft, compactable metallic layer and then by an oxide layer. The resultant finished coating is malleable and dry lubricated.

Similar to HI-T-LUBE®, HMF® is a multistep process. In different stages of the HMF® process, a series of independent processing steps produce a unique mirror-smooth micro-finish.

  • Characteristics

    Synergetic coatings combine various properties, such as: protection against abrasive wear, prevention of friction welding, excellent dry lubrication, protection against corrosion, acids, alkaline fluids and other chemicals, increased hardness, reduced friction, constant lubrication, impressive anti-adhesion properties.

    Some coating variants have FDA, USDA and NSF compliance or MIL-A 63576 compliance.

    Characteristic of LECTROFLUOR® are its excellent demoulding properties. LECTROFLUOR® provides an alternative to common industrial polymer coatings.

    HI-T-LUBE® has been included in the "Guinness Book of World Records" as the "smoothest" coating in the world. Even with large temperature fluctuations, the coating retains excellent smoothness and is resistant to extremely high pressure loads. HI-T-LUBE® remains unchanged even under vacuum conditions. In contrast to conventional lubricants, this coating does not outgas. The coating thickness can be controlled so that even critical fits and precise tolerances are maintained.

    The HMF® coating is a very hard, mirror-smooth, glossy or reflective micro-finish. The coating process produces constant lubrication in combination with improved surface hardness.

  • Base Materials

    Almost all metallic alloys can be coated.

  • Field of Application

    Due to the demoulding properties, LECTROFLUOR® is ideal for mould making. The FDA/USDA compliance of various variants is ideal for applications in the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries. Components that are also suitable for coating with LECTROFLUOR® include: fixings, components for exhaust air scrubbers or dryers, pump parts, piping valves, agitators, sealing tools, parts for conveyor lines and meter housings.

    HI-T-LUBE® is mainly used in the aerospace industry, but also in the processing and packaging industry. The coating is officially recognised by NASA and approved by reputable companies such as Pratt & Whitney, Lockheed Martin, DuPont, Boeing, GE and IBM. Typical components for a HI-T-LUBE® coating are ball joints, bearings, chains, motors, stoves and ovens, gears, ball bearings, housings or pistons.

    The customer sectors of HMF® coatings include: cosmetics industry, plastic injection moulding and extrusion, aviation, paper, film and foil production, tobacco industry and packaging industry. Typical components are calender rolls, pistons, ball valves, ball seats, cams, stamping tools, chutes, closing devices or funnels.

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