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Extremely thin layers for optimal priming

What is the dandelion trying to tell us?

What is the dandelion trying to tell us?

It is functional and a symbol of lightness. We passivate lightweight magnesium and aluminium materials. The layers are extremely uniform, wafer-thin and contour true.

The process

Passivation is a protective layer on metallic surfaces, which prevents or extremely slows the corrosion of the base material. AHC offers various passivations: a chromium-free (VI) passivation for magnesium materials (MAGPASS-COAT®), a chromium-free (VI) passivation for aluminium materials (SurTec® 650) as well as an aluminium yellow chromating. Such layers are also referred to as chemically generated conversion layers.

Finishing with MAGPASS-COAT® is carried out using an immersion treatment. The workpiece is immersed in a chrome-free, inorganic and aqueous passivation solution and a conversion layer develops on the workpiece surface. This conversion layer consists of oxides of the passivation solution and the base material.

Chromium-free (VI) passivation SurTec® 650 is used in immersion, spraying or wipe application processes. The chemical process produces a faintly iridescent conversion layer. Chromium-free (VI) particles are incorporated into the coating for optimum corrosion protection.

Chromating is a process whereby a layer consisting mainly of chromium compounds is produced on the base material which is treated with solutions containing these compounds. The base material contributes to the formation of the layer. Therefore, elements of the treatment media can be incorporated into the layer along with elements of the substrate. We perform yellow chromating exclusively on aluminium base materials.

  • Characteristics

    The MAGPASS-COAT® process can be used specifically as an equivalent to existing chromating processes. The finishing process produces uniform and contour-true layers and thus even enables the coating of complex surface geometries, such as edges, cavities, reliefs, holes, blind holes or undercuts. It is electrically conductive and serves as an intermediate layer for subsequent treatments such as paints or adhesives.

    The chrome-free (VI) passivation SurTec® 650 offers optimum corrosion protection, has low electrical contact resistance and is ideal for after-treatment of anodising layers and as a primer for paints, powder coatings and adhesives.

    The aluminium yellow chromating also coats edges, cavities and reliefs uniformly and true to the contour. Even without subsequent surface treatment, the corrosion protection is very good. The coating serves as a bonding agent for subsequent painting. The yellow chromate layer is also abrasion resistant, electrically conductive and weldable. It has an iridescent, light yellow to golden brown appearance.

  • Base Materials

    The MAGPASS-COAT® process is suitable for finishing all magnesium materials.

    The chrome-free (VI) passivation SurTec® 650 and aluminium yellow chromating are suitable for almost all technically interesting aluminium alloys.

  • Field of Application

    The main areas of application for MAGPASS-COAT® coatings are all situations where chromating should be replaced by chromium-free systems. The chromium-free passive layer alone serves as temporary corrosion protection and for the improvement of adhesion of paints or adhesives. In the overall coating system with subsequent painting, it contributes to the corrosion protection of components.

    The chrome-free (VI) passivation SurTec® 650 is ideally suited for use in the electronics industry due to the low surface resistance as well as for use in the aviation industry because of the high corrosion protection on unpainted surfaces. A third user industry is the automotive industry due to the sum of all characteristics of the passivation layer.

    Amongst other things, aluminium yellow chromate coatings can be used in automotive engineering (bonding agent for rubber-metal compounds, corrosion protection of components with or without subsequent painting, improvement of adhesion and weather resistance of paints ...), in mechanical engineering and in precision engineering (corrosion protection ... ), in façade construction (paint adhesion, corrosion protection ...) as well as in the electronics industry (corrosion protection, electrical conductivity, EMC ...).

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