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Functional finishing of metals by means of electroless nickel plating

Why do we love snow-covered landscapes?

Why do we love snow-covered landscapes?

Because the white layers lie like veils over the landscape. We use our versatile electroless nickel DURNI-COAT® process to coat even geometrically complex materials in the same even and contour-true way.

The process

DURNI-COAT® is a process for the electroless nickel plating of metals (chemical nickel). AHC has more than 50 years of practical experience with this coating process. Every year more than 350 million components are finished with DURNI-COAT®.

The DURNI-COAT® process takes place as a chemical deposition without any external power source. For this process, the workpiece is immersed in an aqueous process solution with a defined content of nickel ions. During the process, these ions reduce to nickel metal. Hypophosphite ions in the solution are the chemical reactants and suppliers of the necessary electrons. They are oxidised to orthophosphite in the course of the reaction. A nickel-phosphorus alloy layer forms on the surface of the workpiece. This layer effectively protects the workpiece against wear and corrosion.

Electroless nickel plating with the DURNI-COAT® process is carried out in accordance with DIN EN ISO 4527.

  • Characteristics

    The performance spectrum of DURNI-COAT® coatings ranges from chemical resistance, dimensional stability and optimum anti-friction properties to electrical conductivity and increased hardness. The coatings are contour-true and evenly deposited. This ensures optimal finishing even for geometrically complex components with edges and depressions, accessible cavities or holes.

    The DURNI-COAT® wear and corrosion resistance are dependent upon the phosphorus content of the coating. Therefore, there are phosphorus-rich and phosphorus poorer layer coating variants. The phosphorus content can be adjusted under specially defined process conditions. In addition, the layer thickness influences the resistance of the electroless nickel.

    Dispersion layers are offered with PTFE (PTFE-DURNI-DISP) in order to increase the anti-friction properties or with silicon carbide (SIC-DURNI-DISP) to increase the wear resistance.

  • Base Materials

    Electroless nickel DURNI-COAT® is suitable for surface finishing of all low-alloyed ferritic steels, cast iron materials, stainless steels, non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass or bronze, aluminium alloys and sintered metal materials.

    The suitability of further materials for electroless nickel plating can be clarified by means of sample coatings.

  • Field of Application

    The three most required properties in the application of electroless nickel coatings are wear protection, corrosion resistance and contour accuracy. This is followed by solderability, good friction characteristics, high ductility and certain magnetic properties. Often several of the properties listed are required at the same time. Although the electroless nickel coatings are very versatile, in practice it is usually not possible to optimally fulfil multi-dimensional requirements with just one layer. Therefore, it is a great advantage to be able to adjust the properties of DURNI-COAT® coatings within certain limits.

    The selection of the suitable coating variant should be made in close cooperation between the user and the coater. This is the only way to achieve the quality of the electroless nickel coatings in addition to cost-effectiveness.

    Examples of DURNI-COAT® electroless nickel plated components include: wastewater engineering components, drive assemblies, fittings, mining equipment parts, nozzles, printing machine components, printing rollers, vehicle parts, filter housings, guide bushes, gear parts, flaps, pump bodies for natural gas and oil use, reactor construction, components which are subjected to vibration, textile machine parts, valves, compressors, packaging machine parts.

    The customer industries of DURNI-COAT®finished components include, amongst others: instrument construction, automotive construction, mining, office technology, chemical industry, data technology, railway technology, electronics, electrical engineering, power engineering, aircraft construction, household appliance industry, hydraulic industry, communications technology, food industry, mechanical engineering, medical device construction, measurement technology, pharmaceutical industry, pneumatic industry, reactor technology, control technology, textile industry, defence technology.

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