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Surface treatmentperfected

Surface treatment

Through the use of environmentally friendly and resource-saving processes in proven production facilities at numerous AHC Group locations in Europe and China, our highly qualified and experienced staff ensure the finest quality and precision in functional surface treatment in order to meet the most stringent customer requirements.

Electroplating processes for surface protection: against corrosion and wear

Surface treatment perfected. The production and optimisation of innovative, highly resilient functional surfaces on technical components made from different metals and alloys is our daily business.

Almost all metallic base materials can have their properties optimised with functional surface coatings using our proprietary and patented processes, regardless of whether they should be particularly hard, smooth, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, dust- and dirt-repellent, noise-reducing, cold and heat-resistant, dimensionally stable or chemically resistant.

In doing so, we focus on quality in every respect. We guarantee constant, reproducible finishing quality and precision at the highest level. Automated, environmentally friendly and resource-saving processes along with certified systems for quality assurance and environmental management, ensure maximum reliability.

  • The performance spectrum of DURNI-COAT® coatings ranges from chemical resistance, corrosion and wear resistance, dimensional stability and optimum anti-friction properties to electrical conductivity and increased hardness. The coatings are contour accurate and evenly deposited.
  • The electroless nickel layer with fully integrated polymers is accurately contoured and evenly deposited. The NEDOX ® process produces a hard, smooth and self-lubricating surface with high wear and corrosion protection. NEDOX ® is extremely chemically resistant and has permanent anti-adhesion and anti-static properties.
  • Passivation is a protective layer on metallic surfaces, which prevents or extremely slows the corrosion of the base material. We offer: A chromium-free (VI) passivation for magnesium materials (MAGPASS-COAT®), a chromium-free (VI) passivation for aluminium materials (SurTec® 650) and an aluminium yellow chromating.
  • IVD aluminium vacuum coating was originally developed as a replacement for cadmium coating of steel and titanium components. IVD aluminium offers good corrosion protection even at high temperatures. The coating can serve to prevent bimetallic or galvanic corrosion. Corrosion resistance can be increased in all cases by a subsequent chemical conversion coating. The surface is suitable for many paints.
  • LASOX-COAT® is mostly used for partial wear protection of aluminium components, but can also be used to reduce corrosion on a workpiece. Flat surfaces are preferable, but rounded surfaces are also coatable. Small coating surface areas of a large component are ideal because then the locally generated heat can dissipate well.
  • SILA-COAT® 5000 is primarily a process for sealing aluminium alloys. The regularly formed network structure of the paint dip coating seals the surface and levels it. The result is very uniform coatings, even on complex components with internal surfaces such as holes or cavities.
  • Synergetic coatings consist of a base layer of DURNI-COAT ® (electroless nickel), HART-COAT ® (hard anodising) or a modified base material with a final layer of fluoropolymers. Synergetic coatings combine various characteristics, such as: protection against abrasive wear, prevention of friction welding, dry lubrication, protection against corrosion and chemicals, increased hardness, reduced friction, continuous lubrication, anti-adhesion properties.
  • Combining suitable paint materials with the right anodisation or conversion coating not only enhances surface protection but also increases the options for designers, e.g. colour, identification markings or surface finishing. The selective application of paint with masks and localised spraying also allows finished parts to go directly to assembly.

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