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New coating plant at AHC Benelux

Buderus Guss GmbH is a major brake disc manufacturer in Europe, development partner and supplier to the international automotive industry with its headquarters in Breidenbach, in the Hesse region of Germany. The company has developed an innovative brake disc for premium vehicles, called iDisc. It is positioned between the conventional cast iron brake disc and the ceramic brake disc. "i" stands for innovative. The innovative feature of the new brake disc is the mirror-like hard metal surface of the friction ring.

The coating from AHC Benelux forms an extremely good primer for the hard metal, which is applied by Buderus by means of flame spraying. This makes the brake disc corrosion resistant and long-lasting and maintains an elegant appearance. In addition, extreme wear resistance is guaranteed, which ensures a significant reduction in brake dust. Less brake dust means less fine particulate matter and thus an environmental benefit, but also a plus in comfort for the end customer who values clean wheel rims.

The brake disc will be installed in various models of a well-known German sports car manufacturer and is another example of what surface technology is achieving behind the scenes.

Compared to grey cast iron discs, the iDisc has a significantly longer service life and higher fatigue strength, thanks to an intelligent coating combination.

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