Why are we so enthusiastic about a snow-covered landscape?
evenly distributed stratification enveloping

Because the white layers are draped over the countryside like a veil. This is the same way we evenly coat materials with dimensionally complex curvatures with our versatile electroless nickel DURNI-COAT® process.


"AHC signifies the development, production and finishing of innovative, highly resilient functional surfaces. We work closely with our customers to develop application-specific and benefit-oriented solutions in the treatment of materials made of metal and plastic.

In the new development of functional surface designs, we are fascinated by the parallels we find in nature, because it is well-known that nature is full of ingenious inventions...“

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New coating plant at AHC Benelux

New coating plant at AHC Benelux

Coating for innovative brake discs for premium vehicles more
Hard anodising line for large parts

Hard anodising line for large parts

Parts up to 8 m can be hard anodised. more
New: www.ahc-china.com

New: www.ahc-china.com

New website from AHC Hangzhou. more
Change of name Solingen

Change of name Solingen

AHC Special Coatings GmbH changes to Impreglon Solingen GmbH. more
Acorn Surface Technology in the AHC group

Acorn Surface Technology in the AHC group

Acorn Surface Technology is member of the AHC group. more

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We welcome you to the AHC Oberflächentechnik website — your specialist for:

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• Hard Anodic Oxidation
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• 涂层工艺

With our certified technologies, we provide dry lubricant, anti-friction coatings and reduce frictional losses between moveable parts and components. Corrosion protection for materials and components made of metal is a significant advantage of surface coatings. Using our perfected processes, we increase wear resistance and ensure the longer service life of machines, components and parts.

We apply the coating processes according to ISO standards to both metals and plastics alike. Surface finishing is as multi-layered as the industry requirements for the treated component.

Typical applications can be found in the automotive, machining and aircraft industries. We even offer corrosion protection, wear protection and electroplating for toolmaking, environmental technology and the medical device industry. We apply individual processes, each depending on the requirements of the surface properties, e.g. hardness, low friction or conductivity. If necessary, we combine single coating processes to achieve the maximum possible protection.

The coatings achieved by electroplating, anodization, hard anodic oxidation, or even electroless nickel can be applied to the entire materials or to individual areas of parts. In electroplating metals such as nickel, copper, tin, gold or silver are applied in the finest quality. Using the processes of anodization and hard anodic oxidation, we transform an aluminium surface into aluminium oxide. Nickel-phosphorus coatings are applied to metals by means of the electroless nickel process.

Entirely from nature's example, we apply anti-adhesive coatings (lotus effect) if required and reduce the adhesion of debris and moisture. This simplifies the care of surfaces and improves the expected service life. Thanks to the high level of automation in our production, we can even easily take on large-scale production, as commonly found in the automotive and electrical industries.