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Our expertise -
Quality in every respect

Our specific industry knowledge makes us valued partners, especially for high-tech sectors such as the automotive industry, modern mechanical engineering, aerospace, oil and gas industry, medical technology, to name but a few.

Our expertise - Quality in every respect

Expertise in surface finishing

Competent, personal and solution-oriented. We support you in the planning and design phase in the definition of the exact requirement profiles and help in the selection of the optimal base materials and the combination of suitable surface processes. Direct, fair communication and short decision-making channels ensure flexibility and efficiency in project execution. In this way, together we achieve solutions which are individually tailored to the requirements of your application. One thing is certain: We are only satisfied when you are.

Automotive Coatings

We are a strategic partner for the international automotive industry in the new development and reliable just-in-time production of high-quality, innovative surface designs, for example for various engine and transmission components. We deliver millions of components with consistent, reproducible finishing quality and precision at the highest level. Targeted solutions are created in close consultation with our automotive clients.

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Automotive Coatings -millions of parts - daily

Engineering Coatings

Mechanical engineering is one of the most diverse and innovative sectors worldwide. In Germany, mechanical engineering has a long-standing tradition. This also applies to us at AHC, where we functionally refine components for assemblies and complete machines, production lines or transport technology with our various coatings. Every day we are entrusted with large series and valuable components, which we coat meticulously.

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Engineering Coatings -Appreciation and care

Aerospace Coatings

Today, the aerospace industry only works with a few carefully selected and highly specialised suppliers who meet the highest standards of quality assurance and documentation. AHC is a reliable partner for the aerospace industry for the coating of sophisticated lightweight materials, amongst other things.

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Aerospace Coatings -certified, qualified, documented

Oil & Gas Coatings

Raw materials such as oil and gas are extracted and processed under the toughest conditions. Man and machine are stretched to their limits. At AHC, our proven surface coatings ensure that people are provided with suitable equipment which is, protected against wear, corrosion or temperature.

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Oil & Gas Coatings -Resistant in harsher environments

Medical Coatings

Modern medical technology sets the highest standards for precision, biocompatibility and the degree of purity of coated medical devices. At AHC we also meet highly complex client requirements and specialise in the functional surface finishing of components for medical products, whether for surgical, orthopaedic or dental applications.

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Medical Coatings - Precision without compromise


If you would like to tell us something about the applications presented here, you are welcome to do so. Your enquiry, your comment, your wishes will be forwarded directly to your personal contact person.

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