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Fine dust reduced by extremely wear-resistant brake disc

Fine dust reduced by extremely wear-resistant brake disc

AHC Benelux in Venlo, the Netherlands, is involved in the production of a mirror-finished, corrosion-resistant and extremely wear-resistant surface for brake discs used in premium vehicles. The extreme wear resistance ensures a significant reduction in brake dust.

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Pure thrills - thanks to resilient surfaces

Pure thrills - thanks to resilient surfaces

AHC takes responsibility and works with great care. This also applies to the chemical nickel plating (DURNI-COAT®) of rockers and various bolts for roller coaster drive systems.

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Thousands of friction processes - protected by HART-COAT®

Thousands of friction processes - protected by HART-COAT®

In cold glue labellers, slide guides perform their job by moving slides back and forth - up to 7,000 times per hour. A low-friction, hard anodised layer from AHC significantly reduces the wear of the slider guides.

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IVD Aluminium Coating - Aerospace Certified

IVD Aluminium Coating -
Aerospace Certified

IVD means ion-assisted vapour deposition with aluminium. IVD aluminium is mainly used for corrosion protection of steel and titanium components. In aerospace, it replaces cadmium.

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What honeybees tell us.

What honeybees tell us.

Honeybees recognised the benefits of the hexagonal structure much sooner than we did. In hard anodisation, the oxidation spreads over the entire surface of the workpiece. The oxidation areas collide and eventually cover the entire surface. They form a hexagonal cell structure analogous to honeycombs.

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Paying close attention to our clients

Paying close attention to our clients

SFChina - an important trade fair for surface technology in Asia. AHC China presented its coating plant and surface finishing processes there. At the Hangzhou AHC plant, components for the automotive industry, among other things, are coated in large quantities.

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SurfaceTechnology GERMANY in Stuttgart

Statt O&S heißt es nun SurfaceTechnology GERMANY. Wir sind in Stuttgart dabei. 5. - 7. Juni 2018, Halle 1, Stand D 27, (48).

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SurfaceTechnology GERMANY in Stuttgart


The AHC Group is a company of the Dutch Aalberts Industries N.V. and includes 19 plants in Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland and China.

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The environment is a subject close to our hearts. Not only the quality of our products but also an environmentally friendly production in all processes used is an important part of our corporate philosophy. With resource-saving technologies, recycling of materials, wastewater and exhaust air treatment as well as concentrated action to save energy, AHC is pointing the way to the future.



Our company is not just a workplace for our employees, it is also a place where they spend a part of their lives. That is why we want to create a healthy work environment with the greatest possible security for everyone. A cooperative, positive working atmosphere is also part of it, offering plenty of scope for creativity and initiative. We appreciate and value our employees not only as valuable resources but above all as people and personalities who proudly identify with our company and want to actively shape the future at AHC.



People are our central focus and we respect their human rights regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, age, nationality, disability, sexual orientation and political opinion. Therefore, we are ready to make our active contribution to the integration of refugees and asylum seekers.

Our company

Since the founding of Alu-Hart-Coat Friebe and Reininghaus oHG in 1960,
our company has, in almost six decades, developed into one of the leading
specialists in the field of surface technology in Europe.

  • Turnover

    ~ 143 Mil

    Our customers lead the way to success. We develop individual coating solutions for innovative products in close dialogue with our customers. Our team of specialists guarantees a technical service in all matters of material treatment.

  • Employees


    Our success would be inconceivable without our employees. They are our most important asset. Our employees work together across international borders in a friendly and cooperative manner.

  • Markets


    Components for the automotive industry, for mechanical engineering, for the aerospace industry, medical technology, electrical engineering and numerous other sectors are provided with innovative surface properties.

  • Locations


    As a modern service provider, we develop application-specific and cost-optimised coating solutions for our customers at 19 locations in Europe and China.

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